The Texas AllStar Insurance Group is a privately held personal lines property and casualty insurer in Texas, serving more than 7 million households in the state of Texas. We are a family owned businesses that prides itself in providing the best in service and dedication to its customers. By leveraging our knowledge within the property insurance industry, Texas AllStar is the go-to insurance provider across the great state of Texas. Although currently residing in the heart of downtown Houston, we also serve every Texan city and town, whether big or small. Some of our services include homeowners insurance, casualty insurance, as well as insurance for types of properties, including corporate and small businesses. Our team has developed their expertise spanning across 30 years, ensuring that each and every client is represented within an efficient and dedicated environment. Texas AllStar also provides instant quotes in almost an instant, just use our form on the front page, or give us a call at anytime. Talk to our experienced Brokers today, let us help you to ensure that you receive the best insurance at the best price!